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Agnes is not your typical entrepreneur.  She's 84 and suffers from tendonitis.  When she couldn't find a trolley to help her with household tasks, she decided to invent one herself.  She's spent a small fortune on it but is still nowhere near getting it to market.  Lesley gets on the case and finds out why Agnes has been led a merry dance by so-called advisers and Old Hand patent expert Gilbert Perry, puts Agnes on the right path
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 Andrew and Will are graduates from Abertay University's Games Technology course and they're desperate to come up with the next Grand Theft Auto. They're not short of ideas but they're short of cash.  To give them the leg up they need, Lesley introduces them to games supremo Chris Wright who shares some valuable trade secrets with them.
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What does Anthony, a 7th generation tanner, do to diversify and, hopefully, save his company?  He sets up a business making deerskin handbags, of course. But how does he brand them?  Lesley calls on the services of marketing guru Suzanne George to offer her pearls of wisdom.  Will Anthony take her advice?
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Gary Burns is on a mission to save the world's carpets from burn marks with his docking station for hair straighteners.  But the business advice he's been given in the past has been contradictory. Should he find a manufacturer or license his product to a major company?  Lesley tracks down Old Hand Ron Hamilton who's been there and sets out Gary's options.
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Iain Gillespie runs the Sottish Graduate website and seems to have problems dealing with partners and staff. Lesley Campbell brings in Old Hand Heather Sims for some tough love advice in an extraordinary New Hands programme.
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In the face of adversity, Denise Purdie set up her own business making soaps and toiletries and she still manufactures her products at home in the wilds of Argyll.  Can she expand and still retain her cottage industry ethics? Lesley brings in Old Hand Elie Chilton to give her much-needed advice but can she bear to let anyone into the family business to lend a hand?
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Jim was a drug addict and is now a successful painter/decorator. He would like to expand his business. But is he hard edged enough ? Lesley Campbell takes him to meet the Old Hand who is the 'hairdresser to the stars'; Charlie Taylor. Charlie's advice is not what you would expect. Coupled with Lesley's unique style of inspiration, will Jim go for it ? Listen again to find out. This is the last in the current series which will return in early 2009.
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Alastair Knox and the Contact Lenses Alastair Knox got on a flight without a spare contact lenses container. He had a great product idea and now Lesley Campbell is on his case. She wants to know how he is going to get to market. This is tough love.
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Amanda and the 'bump bling' Lesley meets Amanda Ishaq who thinks pregnant doesn't mean fashion deprivation. Her great idea is 'bump bling' and Rachel Jones helps her make some key decisions.
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Abdullah and the Games Idea In this episode of New Hands, Abdullah Khan has had an idea that will take computer games into the next generation - but he’s hit a brick wall and needs a cool two million pounds to get over it.
New Hands features owners of new businesses who’ve hit problems they can’t solve. Each week Lesley Campbell diagnoses the real challenge facing each “new hand? and introduces then to an experienced entrepreneur or “old hand?.
This week does Ian Ritchie have the spare dosh or a better idea ?
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Helen McPhee has a great idea and lots of experience. When Lesley Campbell meets her, Helen has a business plan, a cash flow and the support of her family. But she still hasn't pitched to anyone. With the help of Bill Fleming, this week's Old Hand, Helen starts to feel the pressure. There is a surprise for Helen that jolts her into action.
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The ex models who are Cava Coila and Karen are Cava, a face to face promotions business that comes face to face with Lesley Campbell. Lesley is a world wise global risk manager and business guru. What the New Hands need is some advice from someone who has been there and they get it from Anna St Clair, founder of the Ceramic Experience.
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