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Telehealth was the topic but, actually a studio full of parents meant everyone had a story to tell about the NHS and their child's health care. Be aware. There are adult themes and grown up medical terms are used.
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Richard, Sean and Lesley relax in the studio after the Riddoch Questions of January 11th. The mood is irreverent and light hearted; some might say ill informed as they range across; unions, Christmas hits and surprisingly enough - lurex.
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The Riddoch Questions crew jumped straight into rubbish and meandered around various body decorations whilst touching all things waste related. Newcomers Pat from Adam Smith and David from Dundee Uni make their debut in this last Aftermath before Christmas.
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Martin Ford -- the Aberdeenshire councillor whose veto blocked the Trump Golf proposal till the Scottish government called in the plans last week and Martin was removed as head of the council’s Infrastructure Committee. Did I give him too hard a time? A not inconsiderable flurry of emailers thought I did……including one angry caller Oltelia.

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There is a health warning; Lesley and the team get it wrong. In a Riddoch Questions that deals with drink; there was an embarrassing black out where a technical hitch meant the studio output disappeared into the ether. The posse, in this podcast, wrongly assume that the studio recording will be complete...it isn't and the sharp eared will hear the edit that disguises this dead air in next week's iTunes podcast. However, Sean does explain Calvin and Lesley reveals a different and unexpected side of the author of 'Trainspotting'.
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On St Andrew's Day, Murdo Fraser was the guest. Some Napier University students including Priscilla from China were there to observe. What did they make it ? The subjects for discussion included...discussion versus argument...can the English sing and a Derek Dougan revelation.
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It was a fairly sparky old programme and Mike the man with Fife Diet took it on the chin. But, in the aftermath, what did he think?  And what didn't get said on the air ?  Lesley and the crew discuss  Riddoch Questions - the Fife Diet, reveal all and hatch an unusual Burns Supper.
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Lesley takes us behind the scenes and explains what happened with Fiona Hyslop...what did happen if you were on the phone trying to speak to the Education Secretary ?...she also talks about some of the programmes coming up in the Riddoch Questions series...each week we try and get Lesley to come to the microphone and tell us a little more...
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